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A 20-30 minute call is usually enough to see whether we are a good fit for each other.

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Our PSD to WordPress Development

Our PSD to WordPress Development service is the starting point for most of our engagements. We are different from most development shops. Our model is to use 100% US Based resources for Project Management and Communication, and to perform most of our Development from our office in India. This gives our clients a flawless experience with a price point that can’t be matched.

WP Ghost Agency WP Ghost Agency

About Our Clients

Our clients are Agencies, Consultants, Designers, and other Website Developers. Some exclusively outsource all of their WordPress Development, and others have an in-house team, and use us initially when they have a capacity issue or a particularly challenging site. All of our clients tend to be looking for the same thing:

WP Ghost Agency

We began as a full-service traditional marketing agency in 2007. A few years ago, we began doing ghost work for other agencies who were finding it difficult to work with overseas developers. We offered them high-quality, low-cost development work with the convenience and communication skills of USA based project manager. We liked our partnerships so much that we decided to shift our focus completely to supporting other agencies, designers, and consultants.

We are a USA based company with our headquarters just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Our project management and most of our design work is done here. Most of our development is done at our office in Rajkot, India.

How We Work

WP Ghost Agency
Variety of requirements

We work how you want us to work. Our partners have a wide variety of requirements. Many have a very established process, tools, platforms, and development requirements. For this scenario, we adapt our process to match.

WP Ghost Agency

serve as a seamless extensions of your organization. Others rely on us to provide the process and best practices, in which case we use our own methodology, tools, and resources

WP Ghost Agency

Most are somewhere in between, and we collaborate over the course of a few projects to ultimately develop the perfect process for our ongoing work together.

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In most cases, a conversation is the next best step. You likely have questions about exactly how things would work, actual costs, our capabilities, delivery timelines, confidentiality, etc. All of this of course varies based on the details of each engagement. With a quick chat or discussion about your situation and project(s), we can get you all of the information you need.

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